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Fırat Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Veteriner Dergisi
2022, Cilt 36, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 251-257
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Doğal Kaynaklardan Yeni Antimikrobiyal Madde Tarama Yöntemleri
Fırat Üniversitesi, Veteriner Fakültesi, Farmakoloji ve Toksikoloji Ana Bilim Dalı, Elazığ, TÜRKİYEAntimikrobiyal Madde Tarama Yöntemleri
Keywords: Antibiotic, microbial natural products, antimicrobial resistance

Antibiotics, are the secondary metabolites produced by some microorganisms such as Bacillaceae, Actinomycetales, Streptomyces etc. via multi-step biosynthetic pathways and are characterized as a defense feature and survival mechanism for microorganisms. For this reason, they have an important place in combating against bacterial diseases in human and animal health.

Although antibiotics have an important place in the treatment of bacterial diseases from past to present, these drugs have been ignored and used unconsciously by the society. The overuse and misuse of antibiotics, mainly in human medicine, veterinary medicine and the environment, the lack of follow-up of the residual periods and environmental contamination have led to the emergence of bacteria resistant to antibiotics, which significantly increases antimicrobial resistance. Antimicrobial resistance has become one of the most important problems threatening human and animal health worldwide.

Historically, about 60% of antibacterials produced in the last 40 years have been derived from natural sources. While new molecules produced synthetically from existing antibiotics will maintain their effectiveness for the next few years, it is predicted that new molecules waiting to be discovered from microbial natural products will reduce the antimicrobial resistance problem.

In this review, it is aimed to give general information about the methods used in the detection and identification of new antimicrobial substances from natural sources.

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